Sexy Women Flee From The Apocalypse In This Hot New Calendar

Posted:February 7, 2012
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We’ve seen superheroines examining their lady parts in the name of breast cancer. Now we can all ogle inappropriately-dressed pinups in the Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar. Each awkwardly-posing beauty is looking fierce in the face of twelve different apocalyptic scenarios, smiling in the face of Doomsday. I wonder if I’d be taking the time to put my clothes on if I were for some reason naked when zombies began to advance instead of running like hell to find some sort of weapon, but hey – the art’s pretty.

Andrew Tarusov’s quirky pinup calendar doesn’t seem to be available for purchase (we can’t read Russian anyway) but if the mood strikes, you could always print out some of the pinups for perusal at your desk. The safe-for-work poses, at least.

Source: io9

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